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I would like to welcome you all to the Calgary Chapter of ARMA International, serving all information management professionals in Southern Alberta. Whether you have received formal training in the management of information, or have recently been given the task of managing records, ARMA is an organization that can help support your career.

As many people “fall into doing records management,” and are often doing the job as a solo practitioner, I often hear from our members that they don’t know the “right” way to do things. That’s where this community can help you. Here’s a secret – there is no one right way. Rather, there are different approaches where you need to consider your objectives, the resources at your disposal, the risk you’re trying to address and the ultimate value of the information.

Membership provides access to many additional resources through the ARMA International website and bookstore. Membership gives you a huge advantage if you decide that you want to elevate your career through certification (CRM, CRA, IGP). These certifications demonstrate that there’s more to managing information than filing and storing paper documents.

ARMA International has about half a dozen staff at head office in the U.S., but everything else is run by volunteers. Did you know that the Calgary Chapter is a part of the Canadian region, and that they too coordinate issues, programs and publish Canadian content on behalf of all Canadian members? Check out their website at And that ARMA supports ongoing research into issues that affect us and publishes for free through the ARMA International Educational Foundation (

Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to get the latest and greatest information about our programs. Please feel free to reach out to me or any Board member with questions or feedback.

Angela Burns MLIS, CRM

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